• Collections and Finding Aids

Collections and Finding Aids

Archive of Charles University is a specialised public archive. It is the largest and oldest university archive in the Czech Republic.

It keeps and manages historical and current collections of mainly Charles University, the German University in Prague, written materials related to student associations, and personal collections of important personages connected with Prague universities.

The Archive currently manages 214 archival funds and collections amounting to app. 8,780 linear metres.

Archival materials can be accessed in the research room in accordance with research room regulations. Archival materials can be ordered either directly in the research room or requested by e-mail at alena.homolkova@ruk.cuni.cz. Archival materials which are kept in Prague can usually be delivered to the research room within three days of request, while for archival materials kept in a depository outside Prague waiting time can be up to one month. Digitised collections are accessible online.

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